The Fresh Recruits One Of The Best Collections Of Arse Ever

Weve Done it again!! I swear with each batch of fresh ladies that I come across I am coaxed it cant get better than this. Then another batch shows up!!! Get ready to say hello to not one, not two, not three, not four fresh women, but Seven fresh recruits!!! All of various races, shapes and sizes from all over USA and Canada!! You can see all of their debuts coming soon, some are posted on our site, but here you can see the TOO HOT for my other site debuts of all our fresh ladies!! Up very first is the lovely Malasia, as sexy Black Asian mixed honey aka Blasian Persuasion Love her Creamy spunking and pooping at the same time! After her love the runny debut of the 19 year old Ina Loveless. Shes been drinking and now got the liquor diarrhea!! After her you get to meet a newbie named Sinnamon. You can can thank the lovely Sparkle for this recruit as she gets the assist for this recruit!! Then we get to meet cute WHOOTYs - Thats White Girl With a Booty to the unhip in Tina and Becky!!! Tinas a sexy southern bell who takes us into the restoom at her job to drop it off and that fuck Tattoo right above her ass makes we wannna do that sooooo bad!!! Then we Get introduced to sexy young Canadian MILF Becky! This 25 year old Hot momma drops in to drop off. Then we get introduced to the lovely Mahogany. Mahogany is a lovely young model I met that is amazed people will actually pay to watch her do something so disgusting!!! LOL actually after watching her first few clips she defintiely brings the nasty!! Enjoy her ploperific first clip! In the finale we bring you a quick watery diarrhea clip from our last recruit, a lovely African gril named Foofoo!! If it seems like this description is an essay its because its more ass than ever seen in a 20 minute clip!! A great collection from a group of girls that will hopefully grow to some day be your favorites!!! Diarrhea, Creaming, plopping, Peeing, farting and ASS GALORE!!! What more can you want in a clip? This might be the best group Ever!! For now at .