Sniff My Shitty Arse

RP--Is your nose on it?! Good.. A a hollow deep rumbler tunneled straight into his nose. You dont need air, breathe my booty I grind my butt back and forward on his pathetic face while he fights for fresh but with his mouth covered by my slit and nose right against my arse all hope is lost. The neat little bench I had made specifically for facesitting has him strapped down entirely. Ankles, knees, midbody, wrists elbows. With built in clothespins pressed against his head and the cushion inflated fitting the slot just broad enough for his his head is entirely immobilized. Theres no escape from his penalty. He could be my personal toilet if I wished it so. Keep struggling bitch boy. I love turning any man I talk to into my personal slave. They always think theyre going to slide into my panties. The only thing thats sliding anywhere is your face into my ass. You have to earn that right, and only when I want it, may I POSSIBLY allow it, and Ill be the only one getting off. PFFRRTTT.. a long hot one slips out, filling the fabric of my yoga surrounding his helpless nose. He struggles against his bonds but just weakens himself even further to my mercy. Theres no escape from this. Youre my chair for the night. Isnt just so humiliating? Tied and bound, and recorded for further blackmail? Youre going to be my little seat whenever I ask you. Youre my slave now. I play game after game on his helpless only lifting to give him fresh wiffs of my ass when I have to fart. Stripping off my pants down to my panties since I caught him sniffing my panties, now he can smell where they come from. How do they smell now? Haha not so good huh? Too fresh for you? Awhh. Moan for me. FFFRRRPPP a wet one slaps out and hes spared by my I think I have to use the Dont go anywhere I say jokingly with a sadistic laugh as he remains tied up while I use the toilet. Just as like I thought, I did have to shit. A foul smell filled the bathroom and I couldnt bare to try to push out But why use toilet paper? Haha I return to my little bitch and sit my bare naked dirty ass right on his nose and wipe with it. MMMMMMHMMMMMMMM MMM.. It must be just awful for you down under my tight dirty little PRRFFFFTT Another hot blast rockets into his looks like I still have a little gas for thanks for being such a good dirty little brown struggle a little more and you can be my toilet.