Big Build Up Big Poo

I walk into the room, pull my jeans and undies down around my ankles and lie on my side in a kind of spooning position. I tell you that I truly need to take a big kaviar, ive been holding it for almost 2 days. I take a pen and leisurely slide it in my booty. I let it sit there for a minute, telling you I can feel the kaviar building up around it, then I commence playing with it, twisting it and sliding it in and out. I grab a magazine and read for a duo of minutes while absent-mindedly playing with the pen and telling you how badly I need to poo. I tell you im trying to hold it for as long as I can. I turn onto my back so that im in the missionary position and take my pants off my ankles so im completely naked. I put my legs in the air and play with the pen a little more. Then, I remove it. I moan as it slides out, knowing how close I am to letting the shit out too. I groundhogprairie dogturtle the shit letting it peek out then sucking it back in again for a while, telling you that I can feel the shit building up but I cant let it out yet. I hold it until I just cant hold it anymore, then a nice big log comes out, coiling itself into a perfect spiral under my ass. I moan with relief and pleasure as it finally comes out. I wipe around my butt, smearing the skidmarks all over my porcelain skin, then stick the pen back in and play with it for a second. Then I pull it out and show you the filthy tip before kissing you goodbye.