2 Damsels At The Same Time Fed Me With Their Crap

2 ladies at the same time fed me with their poop. It was cool! - At the same time I felt the taste of crap at once two chick's. At very first they drank a little bit. I served them as a waiter. While they were determining who would pooping first I was sitting from behind and admiring their asses. Yana said that she would be the first I thought that she had diarrhea again and was right. Christina left the room and I was left alone with Yana. Her shit had a strong smell and had an incomprehensible consistency - lots of fibers. Yana sweetly pooping, left the room and invited Christine. Cristina crap on Yanas shit - it looked very nice and tasty! When I started eating, Christina ordered me to mix their shit, so that it was tastier and show the spoon in the camera. I took a hard spoon of Christina with a spoon and moked it in Yanas liquid diarrhea which was still warm - it was a unique strong taste!