Mistress Gaia – Training My Friend’s Slave

My friend Master Roberto took his slave with him; he wants to train him as a toilet slave. He knows I am by far the best Mistress in the world as a slave toilet trainer and, therefore, he sought my help. I determined to put instantly the slave at work as a full toilet, packing his mouth with my divine crap. I believe this treatment is better than doing that in puny steps. I have positioned the slave under my toilet chair with his hands bound to it, so that he cant move and escape his fate. Being his first time, Im allowing his Master to stroke his cock, in order to keep him aroused, but without letting him cum, until I say he can. I order the slave to keep his mouth wide open and I let go the first piece of shit. It is soon followed by a second one, by a third one..... now is mouth is full of shit. His Master is doing a good job to keep him in a state of arousal, while I let him fully savor the taste of my divine shit. For being his first time as a toilet slave, he behaved well and now he deserves a reward. What there is better than cumming while I shower him with my pee!!!