Late Night Work Turns To Piss Drinking

With only the two of them left inwards the office in the middle of the night, this man and woman determines to take advantage of the chance that they have the place all to themselves! At very first, they strip off their clothes! Once both are rendered naked, the lady sits on the guys face to feed him with her pussy! Shortly after, he takes control of the situation! He bends her over and then continues orally pleasuring her vagina! When she gets satisfied with it, things took a turn for the worst! She drags him to the comfort room where she proceeds to lay him on the floor! She then positions herself on the toilet and, without warning, urinates all over his face! Caught off-guard, the guy isnt able to appropriately react, causing him to stay where he lies and get pissed! In the process, he gets some urine inside his nose and mouth which he ends up swallowing!