Francesca’s Bathtub And Tile Dumps

My Original Funky Lady Francesca is back in the mix!! This is the lady my vision all started with when we were dating 6 years ago. She was reluctant at first, but once I took it from concept to reality, she saw the light!!! At first she was too shy to do anything beyond toilet videos, then she sent in what is still probably one of 3 favorite videos! Her outdoor adventure was my original top selling clip from my original two stores. She still pops up now and then but hopefully she will stay more in the mix. I love her gassy dumps and her grunting and straining. This time enjoy two new clips as she records in areas of the house she never has before! She begins with a FUNKY stand up dump in her shower. She begins with some nice loud farts as she spreads her asscheeks and asshole wide open. Then Her hole opens to unleash her bogies in the shower! In the second, she gets down on all fours and starts out with a stong piss in a bowl. Then she farts and sharts out a smaller load. Two awesome return clips from Francesca!