Packed In Chocolate

Mistress Giorgia is launched to humiliate her individual toilet slave to the maximum! The toilet is laid down on the ground for the usual daily use by Queen Giorgia. Today, however, the Mistress is very angry with the toilet who has to serve a hard penalty...Which worst penalty for a toilet does not be used by his Mistress?The futile slave is made to kneel in front of the Mistress who shits and pisses in front of him. The slave remains motionless until the sadomasochistic and bizarre Mistress decides to take the paper towel where he has made his needs and crush it strongly on the face of the toilet in punishment. But the Mistress is still not happy, she takes some tape and starts to tie the paper full of shit and nice piss tight around the head of the toilet that starts to suffocate. The slave is left in that state of human nothingness for a long time by the sadistic Mistress who sits on top of him smoking a cigarette! Wonderfully sadistic Mistress Giorgia!!!!!!!!!