Cracked Toilet 37 – Honor My Shit

As my slave was busy munching and tasting my bowel movement I began to orgasm. In the middle of my orgasm I asked him How does it taste? Its the very first time ever on movie Im letting you hear what my voice sounds like when I talk DURING an orgasm. His reaction Knowing it came out of your arse makes it taste fine Goddess just intensified my orgasm contractions. He then did something amazing. He shoved his face into my kaviar, as much of it as possible into his mouth. Knowing how much he was suffering due to this send my mild long orgasm into a POWERFUL one. I got fairly vocal as you will see hehe My orgasm peaked and I noticed he must be guzzling because I could see two of the big succulent chunks of my turds were gone. Such a good slave to put himself through this for my pleasure! The last 10 to 15 seconds I stopped stimulation as my orgasm kept going by itself. You can hear it in my voice as I told him how good he looks because of my feces on his face, tongue and in his mouth.How exactly does this work?Well its simple. Good men will honor a woman by smelling, kissing and licking her ripe unwashed ass so she can climax like I did in the first scene when my slave was licking my ass deep for my pleasureBut great men? Really great men will go the extra mile and let a woman take a shit right into their hands and then honor her shit as well by smelling it, kissing it, licking it and even swallow some of it so she can experience powerful multiple orgasms like I did in the second scene. I LOVE when I have these bowel movements. Those ones where the softer shit its way past the thicker juicy turds out of your anus. As those thick creamy ones manage to slide out in between my lower body goes weak from pure pleasure. Guys Im not bothered cutting the scenes from videos these days when I orgasm. I LOVE the scat fetish and I think we as women should be more open about our desires for it and truly CELEBRATE scat! Im not going to apologize for having such intense orgasms during scat play anymore. Its who I am. When someone licks and eats my turds Im going to go wild from arousal every time and satisfy those urges by letting myself orgasm. I tell fans every day not to be ashamed of their scat fetish. Its time I practice what I preach and set the example as a woman who love scat. Shot from two angles so you can see my facial expressions as I watched him lick my shit and pushing it into his own mouth. The second angle show you this in much better detail but due to the sensitive microphone most of that shots audio is dominated by my moans of orgasmic ecstasy. Im a woman who is NOT ashamed to say I LOVE scat and toilet slavery! xoxo.