Office Pet Gets Poo Breakfast

The office pet was making begging sounds again, and so Aya, the clerk, determined to give the pet his meal for the day. Squatting over his glass feeding cup, Aya lets out a strong torrent of piss. This would be the warm soup to keep the pets belly ideally glowing and warm, too. Her ass hole blossomed just a bit to let out a cute chain of short brown sausages. The turd was soft and perfect, and was notched in just the right places. After unloading several segments into the bowl, she inches toward the human pet and the pets face came closer, cleaning her anus ravenously with his tongue. He hasnt tasted piss and shit in a long while, and this is paradise. After cleaning the mistress ass completely, she grabs the pets chain and pushes his head to the feeding bowl. The office pet dives into the now dissolving shit and crumbles it in his mouth, using his to get most of it into his mouth. The human pet is visibly quaking from the powerful smell, which was foul and sour, and strong for a first meal.