Mistress Gaia – The Icing On The Cake La Ciliegina Sulla Torta

Il had tied down my individual slave near the bed because I desired to use it as my toilet but then I realized that I didnt have the stimulus yet. I went out for shopping and I left him there. Now, a few hours later, Im back ready to use him. I dont care of his complains about his awkward position and I squat over his face. Soon a nice brown cake piles up on top of his open mouth. But there is something missing: so I take the chewing-gum from my mouth and put it on top of the feces; it the icing on the cake!! I order the slave to eat but he doesnt. He mumbles something that I dont understand; its not effortless to speak with a mouth full of poop!!! Finally, I realize that he fears that eating the shit, the gum could make him choke. I tell him that I dont care, he must eat everything anyway. He still tries to resist. I then decide to leave him there until he eats everything, in the meantime, I have something to do at my PC. About 40 minutes later, he calls me back: his mouth is empty and the gum is gone too. He has swallowed everything. Good slave!! Now I can set you free.