Human Piss Toilet

Inwards are three ladies talking and minding their own business when all of a sudden their masculine attendant came in and checked in on them. A nice gesture that annoyed the dominatrixes, causing them to unclothe him of his clothes and then throw him on the floor! Caught off-guard, the victim is left disoriented, but he is about to practice something much worse! Without warning, one of the ladies sits on his face and serves her pussy in his mouth, and then urinates inside! Because of his position, he is left unable to do anything other than letting the piss fill his mouth and flow down his throat! When the sweetheart is done, she gets off of him and all three of them concentrate their attention on smothering him with feet as well as stuffing his mouth with their toes! The act of domination lasted for quite a while that the earlier lady who pissed into the victims mouth later felt the need to relieve herself again, resulting in another round of urine drinking for the unfortunate and already exhausted man!