Living Under The Toilet Seat

Living under the toilet seat. Toilet slave usually has to fall under the multiplicity of humiliations from the Mistresses. This could be both morally and physically. On the one forearm, the Mistresses treat the slave, who is under the toilet seat, as a living being. They communicate with him. On the other forearm, he is a thing for them. He is the receiver of the poop. And not only feces.. This time, the slave had to suck Karinas used tampon, and Mistress Lassie at this moment was beating him with whip. Sucking vaginal discharge of the beautiful girl from her used tampon is a great pleasure for slave. This is a strong but simultaneously a pleasant humiliation. Then, the slave was used by girls as the toilet. The first was Lassie. She filled the slaves mouth with semi-liquid smelly shit. However, it was not very much. Karina again distinguished. She gave a huge amount of shit and made a huge pile on the face of slave. Dealing with such quantity was not easy. The shit was very smelly, because Karina ate salad and chicken in the batter yesterday. However, the slave coped with this, and did not leave a single piece.