Schoolgirls Piss Revenge

With his victims having had enough, this hellion ultimately gets the penalty he is worth! Without warning, he is abruptly grabbed from the hallway and then brought into a room by three uniformed schoolgirls! Before he could say anything, they strip him completely naked and then lay him on his back on the floor! Then, without further ado, one of the ladies positions herself on top of the guys face and then urinates directly into his mouth, leaving him swallowing mouthful after mouthful of piss! When she is finished, she sits on his face and smothers him with her dirty pussy, make him lick and devour it! By the end of it, the second sweetheart takes her turn, and then lastly the third woman repeats the same routine! They gave him so much piss that in the middle of the second womans pissing, he is starting to gag and spit the urine that his throat can no longer accommodate, resulting in a huge mess both on his face and on the floor! Consequently, after the third dominatrix, they push his face against the ground to make him clean up the mess using only his mouth and tongue!