Feeding Table And 2 Large Heaps

Feeding table and 2 large heaps. A feeding table is the most convenient device for both chicks and a toilet slave. In the sitting position, guzzling is much lighter than lounging down and the toilet slave can serve more chick's. Today there was a lot of joy, the women were in a good mood - they constantly joked and laughed at me, but I was not funny - I had 2 large piles on my face and I have to take them into my body. The girls set me a task that I must complete and there is no turning back! You cant joke with Christina, she knows the rules - the mistresss shit should be in the slaves stomach. It is difficult to convey what I experience when I simultaneously feel the taste and smell of two girls at the same time and at the same time I am fed in 2 hands, constantly shouting - faster, swallow faster. With all my strength I constantly swallowed, the girls waited for my mouth to open to immediately fill it again - it was a very hot session for me! I think - the most difficult and frightening moment - at the beginning of the process, when you smell shit for the first time and shock me for the first seconds, but I know that I have to do this and I humble myself and just perform the function of a womens toilet so that the girls are satisfied.