Bianc’s Hubby Did His Job And Ate Everything

crap isnt always ample, despite knowing how much you guys love to see giant crap, its not always possible, my hubby also loves getting huge shit in his face, he says the sensation of having his mouth full of shit is incomparable, but he also says that at least it is hard for him to eat, but when the shit comes in moderate quantities he doesnt think twice, he soon takes care of doing a good job and eating everything, he said that shit was delicious and not he could stop eating everything like a good human bathroom, he ate everything, and still servile like toilet paper licking all my ass, removing the shit from my ass with his tongue, I love it, I love watching him eat my shit. very excited, if you want a personalized video send me an email to com or follow me on twitter MistressBianc it will be a pleasure to make your fantasy come true .